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HEALING Angel Message for Week 9/28 ~ The ‘Angel of Healing’, Raphael, sends energy to finally help you heal from the past. This message dovetails September’s angel message (reread)  where you were imparted knowledge about your past, to assimilate, that either made you emotional or really ’think’ about your life. You may have received your information, more than once during the month of September, but it was delivered in bits and pieces, and as well in different forms. Some of these moments had made you, ponder, reflect and question your life and its direction. But together, these bits of information are part of a bigger picture for your life mission. This week (or until the end of September), Raphael helps you link it all together, making it clear for you to see the big picture and inspire your life direction to help heal. It includes expressing a creative talent(s) to help you move forward. Raphael says that if you are privileged to see a ‘rainbow’, it is the a sign that you have completely synthesized all the pieces into a coherent whole for your life. Don’t wait any longer, but proceed in the direction your heart has been guiding you all along. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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