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Catalyst for change

VIP Question from Carol: What will be the catalyst for change to launch John’s career in a new direction?

Medium Laura Lee: My first impression is that it isn’t ONE thing that causes a shift…it’s more complex. It may require a health and relationship change that inspires a shift. But also, at that time, I believe that there is a tie to an employer (or contractor) who makes changes that requires John to make a serious revaluation, and a major decision, to work with this group. While there maybe other elements that inspire a move, these are the top three that I sense in my radar. Bottom line: When enough is enough, and he realizes that he has more control than he previously thought, change will happen. Sheryl Crow’s song ‘Change will do you good’ comes to mind, as this shift is important to his heart and soul:

There is a family tie, on the other side, with the same name. I also sense a child spirit nearby (which can mean an abortion, a miscarriage, and or another child preparing to be born 🙂 ~ these are confirmations for the message. I hope that helps. Keep me posted ~ Bless, LL

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