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VIP Question from Terry: Can you give me any recommendations to find clarity in my situation or give me any insight: I have to make an important decision in the following months to move in with my partner or not? This hasn’t been easy because it involves kids.

Medium Laura Lee: From my perspective, as a professional psychic, there are a few ways you can discern which path is right for you from whether to make a move or not, to choosing another job or not, to choosing another mate or not. You need to ask one simple question: Which decision brings you peace?
Take a moment ~ be still to listen. Without distractions, ask your angels to come into your sacred space and help guide you on this important decision by bringing you clarity, in the form of feelings, to point you in the right direction. Then ask to be very clear if you were to do XYZ. Then wait to you feel it….Trust whatever comes in the form of a feeling. Proceed to ask for clarity, in the form of feeling if you were to do ABC.
IF neither decision brings you peace, wait (because I feel that is your situation)….my motto is ‘when in doubt, don’t.’ There might be another choice that works better for you that hasn’t appeared yet and/or you don’t have all the information yet. In this case, I think it is the latter, that more information will make the decision clear (Sometimes these delays mean that they are working on it for you). And then you’ll know without any doubt the right direction. So in the meantime, be patient, and continue about your business until it is clear. Like go meditate 🙂 And it doesn’t hurt to keep asking.


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