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Angel Message: Tenderness

11-07-2013 Tenderness

TENDERNESS is the heart! No charm equals to tenderness of heart’ author Jane Austin…I see an angel pet a black cat ~ which is often ostracized from others as a bad omen. Sense the message has more to do with our personal journey and addressing that part of our self that we want to run from or hide from others (and self), because we perceive it is bad. And in this case, that bad thing is a good thing in your life to grow. This can run the gamut, such as finding yourself broke again, or when you isolate yourself from others when you’re depressed, maybe you are in a bad relationship, again, or avoiding the docs when you’ve felt a pain for a long while. We need to acknowledge, self accept, these things in our life, because there is no running from you. No matter where you go, there it is attached to you (and you see the pattern you weaved up to this point)! The angel begins waving a white flag to surrender, which is to say that this important step is essential. We must integrate that part of our self to become whole. Surrender this matter over to the heavens for guidance. See whatever the situation is ~ and send it off with love/tenderness and ask for help or guidance. Continue to do so until you are shown the way. Acknowledging the problem is the first step. And then, we can take responsibility for our situation to transform….Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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