Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Surrender’ says to surrender your doubt. Surrender your uncertainties. Surrender your insecurities.Surrender all your negativity. Surrender your fears including anger, hate, sadness, grief, depression, jealousy, prejudices…etc. These things do not serve your highest good. They cloud your better judgement, making it difficult to listen to your guidance. Clear your space if necessary by acknowledging who or what things deliver such inconveniences at this time. Get quiet to discern the difference. Ask the ‘Angel of Surrender’ to assist you in purging anything that no longer serves you at this time ~ visualize a shower of white light releasing toxic energy from your soul. Then wait for inspiration before making a move. It will resonate within you as goosebumps, warm sensations around the heart, butterflies in solar plexus, and bring an overwhelming sense of peace. This means ‘yes’ and perhaps only for you ~ and maybe not to everyone else. Then take action that is right for you. Do not to be swayed by the good opinions of others. This is your life. Live with integrity of body, mind and soul (heart). Singer/healer, Sophia, Sweet Surrender (Musical Healing Album) comes to mind or cut / paste:  

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