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It still hurts

Question from Mary/MA: My brother died nearly 10 years ago and it still hurts as if it were yesterday…Why?

Medium Laura Lee: I’m sorry to hear you are suffering Mary. And everyone processes grief differently. It’s absolutely normal for you to have those feelings even 10 yrs later. And while we can convince ourselves that we worked through the pain and taken steps forward, that doesn’t mean we won’t have a bad day where we take a step back. My recommendation is to ‘let it go’ and allow yourself move through the emotion. I get a sense that there was trauma dealing with his passing where you hadn’t found closure. I feel a suicide. And because of this incident, it affected you profoundly. I had a client who referred those kind of moments of relapse similar to a post-traumatic stress disorder, because she was rationalizing the past and how she could have done things differently to have either saved or made it easier for her loved one not to suffer. But this is in the past. The only person suffering at this moment was her…and or you in this case, because our loved ones are fine. They are well. One thing I’ve learned by working with angels is that they can help us heal these gaps, so that we can move on with living life. That is what our loved ones would want for us, because they do on the other side. So my recommendation, is that when you have a moment of relapse where you are processing the past, if you are cognizant, pass it over to your angels to heal while you are in the moment. Close your eyes, visualize (and if you can’t, pretend you can ) handing the image/pain over to your angel to take from you and restore you with visions/feelings of peace, love and joy. Ask aloud (or within your own mind) and peace will be restored. They may send you a sign of your loved one in that moment or give you a vision of something memorable to make you laugh. Sending you love and light. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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