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Question from Reverend Harriett/CA: I have had my beautiful home for sale since the first of the year. And when summer hit, many people left the desert (Palm Springs) area, but they will be coming back this month and stay until May. I really have to sell my home, for many reasons. I live in La Quinta area. Do you see me selling my home in the next few months? Many blessings, Reverend Harriett

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Reverend, Regarding the sale of your home, I see a father figure, on the other side, who is close to your situation. I believe that your house will move quickly should the selling price fall below the market and appraised value. I know this isn’t what you didn’t want to hear, but this seems to be a point of contention with your property.

Also, I know you’ve heard the line that the ‘first offer is your best offer’ ~ it holds true in your case. Avoid any emotional hang-ups or better said, being offended by someone’s personal opinion, or what they do. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that said, everything is negotiable and that is how the buyer goes into making you an offer.

Also, I have a feeling someone (and/or you?) is still tied to the home and it pains them to let it go on some level…even if they say they are ‘okay or good’ with it selling. So I recommend clearing the space, as much as possible, metaphorically and literally speaking. Both points go hand in hand. When someone sees it clear, physically, there is more detachment to the space (because many of the sentimental/emotional attachments are removed). While I feel this has been done, up to a point (per an experts advice previously), more can be done in terms of clearing.

With these points in mind, I believe you can see the sell of your home this year. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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