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Message from my spirit

Question from Lily: I’m not happy in my job and I feel like at any moment I’m going to get fired. Is there a new job in the near future or any other message from my spirit guide? Thank you.

Medium Laura Lee: IF you feel it dear Lilly, fear, then most likely it is going to happen. I see you doing lots of admin work; lots of papers surround you, phone, and putting out fires (metaphorically, not literally). Leaves me feeling drained, which indicates you really aren’t on path and is why you are at crossroads with your current employer. In fact, I get the sense it is just hard to get out of bed in the morning to get to work. It’s only a job (a paycheck) for you and your employer knows it. And I don’t get that you’ve been doing much, in terms, to search for a new job, other than reviewing posted ads. You may have felt, previously, inspired to send out job applications or resumes to a particular area of interest, but perhaps held back because of your lack of education, experience, and/or current circumstances. Fear holds you back… IF all this rings true, then it is a confirmation from your angel ~ that is guiding you.

Whatever you do ~ don’t hold back those inspirations or nudges. Listen to your instincts to investigate other field of interest, personally and professionally, which maybe a bit more complicated. Let me elaborate…. Did you know that your name (nickname), Lily, is a very important flower that is/was associated with the Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels, and as well held by Archangel Gabriel, who, of course is known for the annunciation? Whether or not you are Christian, the flower (the name you choose to use) is a sign of; hope, faith, birth, renewal, transitioning, and motherhood, among other things. Your soul aspires to express these virtues in your lifetime, sooner than later. Because of the unusual tie this flower has to you, as a guide, I feel motherhood is one of those things stirring, within you, to become and/or better yet. But, this is why it complicates matters, because a part of you wants to delve into a field that surrounding these matters too. If you aren’t already, I sense you need to concentrate in the direction surrounding health (and or teaching) care ~ and not just admin in health care. It means you become a practitioner in the field and maybe around mothers/children. This may require further education, but nonetheless, if you’ve sensed the nudge to proceed in these areas or seen any such signs…pay attention. It is your soul calling: your rebirth. Speaking of which, I also see a child spirit around you ~ which can indicate 1 of 3 things; aborted, miscarriage, and also a spirit prepared to come back into world ~ you asked :-)!

In the meantime, I suggest you send your employer love vibes, to let go of the fear, until you can manage to land another position. This will neutralize any feelings of tension between you and them. And give you time to proceed on path. This is how I recommend you practice, as such, any time you go to work, again when you wake, before you fall asleep and anytime you feel the fear of losing your job. This will prove miraculous in your current relations. 1) On your drive to work, see a white light, like the sun wash over you. Let go of any tensions of going to work. 2) Inhale this light into your heart and on the exhale, see yourself (in your mind’s eye) send it, like a laser beam from your heart, to your employer’s office 3) Then, verbally, thank your Angel (Gabriel, too) to bring peace, joy and miracles to your working environment (your employer) while guiding you on the right path immediately ~ I hope this helps. Keep me posted…Bless, LL

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