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Panic attacks

VIP question from Lisa: Hi Laura, I just read an article on the internet about empathy that you wrote which describes me perfectly. I feel my son may be an empath as well. He is experiencing extreme panic attacks which are affecting his life and mine. ? If he is happy, the world is good. He’s only 20 and is suffering greatly from this. This has become life altering and I need some serious guidance. Can you please help in telling me how to help him?

Medium Laura Lee: While I’m not a doctor, I can offer suggestions for you and your son to exercise daily to restore his emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. In the meantime, I also suggest you seek the care of a health professional, if he is willing, concerning his attacks. I personally recommend someone who he feels comfortable talking to about his inner secrets.

Empaths are the ‘sensitive’ ones or in the psychic world known as great ‘clairsentients’, meaning that they can ‘clearly feel’ what others around them are processing emotionally. This is a blessing and a curse. The medical community, and often, prescribe medication to manage these emotional imbalances. While that may work for some, intermittently, I personally believe that the medication can keep a person unconscious of the root cause. People can also choose to remain unconscious of their root cause by managing these emotional imbalances with addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, etc), especially men because they are conditioned by society to suppress their emotions. IF he is experimenting with any recreational drugs, or alcohol, to self medicate, it is only going to make matters worse for him. He won’t be able to consciously discern what triggers these attacks.

I know from personal experience, escaped from feeling anything, with a food (too little or too much) addiction. My addiction made my highs and lows more magnified, plus it kept me away from dealing with the real issue. But, there comes a time, usually during a crisis, where the person wants to change. They have to ‘want’ to feel well to heal. And that requires self-reflection to discover what ails their soul. For me, it was a health crisis that helped me emerge from my own shadows to discover who I was as a person and what to do with the ability to empathize with others. I decided to channel it in a more positive direction through my practice and other artistic endeavors. While he many not become a medium, per say, nor possess that precise ability, there is something behind his anxiety that he is unwilling to look at because of ‘fear’. I don’t get the sense he’s ready to investigate nor deal with it just yet simply because he is still dealing with the attacks.

I am not implying that it has to take a crisis for your son to get that point of self-discovery, but he has to be willing to want to heal from these attacks. He has to come to terms with his inner world, and some of his past, to become the person he is meant to become. And naturally, the 20’s are all about self-discovery. He may possess some creative abilities that can help him uncover his trapped identity, plus it would provide great therapy to provide him personal insight. Some of the best writers, entertainers, musicians, and artist channel these emotions into something more beautiful. Empath’s can also be great healers too. Almost any profession can benefit from the ability to empathize with others to navigate life.

The mind, body and spirit connection are all one. There is no separation. So I suggest a holistic (body, mind, spirit) approach to soothe the soul.

TOP 3 STEPS: Give TLC to self ~ things we hear all the time but do not take seriously until there is a health crisis. Your son has to choose these things for himself. Also, these steps can help you choose how you can better respond to your son.

1) Exercise

2) Eating right

3) Plenty of rest

**Quiet time reflecting/thinking is necessary for empaths to see what emotions are there own or another’s they maybe picking up ~ Meditation is ideal! Anything online from Deepak Chopra works great.

Here is a list of Deepak’s meditations:

I know as a mother that you want the best for your child, but your son is a consenting adult and making his own choices. Meanwhile, you can choose how to respond to his attacks. As all humans, you both have free will….and consciously make the choice how to respond ~ even as an empath! It can mean more work for an empath, but it is possible to function daily without having an attack. So while you can’t make him do anything at this point (go see a medical professional, change his health habits, make him stop having panic attacks, etc), you can however, pray (and or affirm) how you respond to his attacks to give you peace. You can also ask for his highest and best self to be realized for his peace, health and happiness. You can also suggest these things to him…but, again, he has to be willing to do the work for his full recovery.

Here’s how for you: Anytime you feel off balance from his attacks, walk away momentarily. Go to a quiet space and place your hands over your heart. IF you can’t walk away, do it right in front of him. It’s more powerful to say aloud with emotion, but if not, say it as a silent prayer. Welcome angels (or maybe it’s Christ or Mother Mary, whomever you wish) into your sacred space. Visualize them surrounding you with a white light above you, shinning down, and melting away all your anxiety.  Take a deep breathe of this light into your heart slowly (3x) while thanking them for restoring your heart with peace and love while placing your hands over your heart. Then see your son before you, if he is not, visualize him before you and send the love to his heart like it were a laser beam. And give thanks that he too is restored with peace, happiness, and 100% health: emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The transformation can happen before your eyes. And sometimes it may take a little longer with continued practice. Nonetheless, keep up this practice even when he shows improvement: Each night before resting and each morning before starting your day. More importantly, whenever the issue arises in the moment.

I get the sense you are managing your son alone as a single parent (perhaps co-parenting, but nonetheless feeling all alone in the process because his father figure isn’t much help ~ if at all). I also get the sense that your son isn’t the only one who suffered from panic attacks. Someone else in the family did too and it has been a chain reaction. You can help him by responding differently and change the pattern for you as well as your son.

Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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