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A Normal Life


Michael from IL: Will I ever have a career or job that will afford me a normal life?

Medium Laura Lee: I get the feeling that you haven’t really taken stock to outline what ‘normal’ life would look like ~ Michael?

I was born and raised in Normal IL ~ while I’m far from normal, I have found a career by following my heart that fits a lifestyle to allow me freedom to be who I am and be available as a mother. While many might not find my path normal nor easy, I found my groove in this world. Normal is subjective. So you have to find your normal….

First, I recommend you list those elements down that you’d like to afford to do or just do ~ and then ask for heavens support. For instance, make a treasure map of images (collage of things you’d like afford to do) that make up a ‘normal’ life and put this up where you can see if everyday while giving thanks for bringing it into your daily reality. I have a sense that once you outline those elements that you identify as ‘normal’, that it would simply require you to ‘just do’…regardless if you had a job or a career. This will lead you towards finding your normal.

Second, I feel you have some work to do if you ever want to land a ‘career’. A career would require investment of time to learn a skill or trade. It means you’d have to set aside the time to evaluate what you would enjoy on a day to day, and then study in pursuit of a desired direction. Again, I get the sense you aren’t sure which direction. I’d start to review what you’ve done up to this point and access what you liked and didn’t like about each job. Then what skills you possess or learned over the years. What kind of traits you’d like to incorporate in a career i.e. fun, flexibility, etc. Finally, what attracts you? Where do you feel yourself investigating the possibility all the time? Trust those instincts. I get the sense health care field maybe one of these directions…this direction is guided by your guardian angel. IF so, these are signals from heaven to proceed forth and you will find a career in this area of expertise. But for whatever reason you seem stuck to move. And confidence may have something to do with this hesitancy. To combat lack of confidence, you simply have to take baby steps in the direction by talking to people in the field. And then research or take more courses to begin down the path where your heart flutters. And you are off running! Keep me posted. Bless ~ LL

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