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Concerned About My Boy


Jill from NJ: I am so concerned about my boy Jake. He is 22. He is depressed and wants to move out of California to try something different. Do you see that he will be ok?

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Jill, I feel you as a mom ~ it’s so scary to let your child go, no matter their age. But, Jake’s a man. He needs to spread his wings. He hasn’t been able to explore his passions, at least to his fullest. And he does have the potential to find himself ~ out there. I get the feeling that if you set him free, he’ll have trouble even leaving ~ and if he does go, he might come back! I also sense a father figure, on the other side that is paternal, and hovers near Jake. He reveals to me that some of his depression maybe caused due to substance abuse too, which he (Jake) denies has any effect on his being. I see smoke in his aura. So this might add to his lack of motivation, draining his spirit and state of mind. Simply put, it is making his big picture unclear and hazy. In the meantime, while you can’t make decisions for him ~ nor can you protect him, and or he won’t listen to your guidance at this time, I suggest you free your mind of any ‘fears’ of the worst and invite the heavens to serve you both. (As a mom, I know this works and is something that’s been past on to me from generations). I recommend you say/do the following from your own heart: Begin by stating, ‘I thank you angel of light for protecting Jake.’ Then try to visually Jake’s guardian angel, in your minds eye (if you can’t see, pretending is just as effective), stand behind your son and wrap his wings around Jake, in light, for protection. Then state, ‘Thank you for guiding Jake on his life path to find health, happiness, and prosperity. (And or say whatever else you feel at heart, then see Jake at his best in this light and full of life!) Expect the best. Please try this exercise upon waking, upon resting and anytime you are fearful regarding Jake. Then watch things positively unfold for Jake. Keep me posted. Sending you both blessings! LL

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