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Insight on love
VIP Question from Jackie: I was wondering if you had any insight on love finding me?
Medium Laura Lee: Love will find you when you choose to love yourself. Before this discovery, however, this is not to say that you won’t have relationships where you’ll feel love in your heart for someone else. But, in the literal sense when love will find you, and having someone share that love with you, romantically ~ this may take more inner work. I believe you have already ‘been there and done it’ experiencing unrequited love ~ but, more are set before you for the simple reason you have much more to learn (as such, ’trust’ or ‘patience’ in self are two aspects of love that come to mind that you want to share equally with another person). This is a gradual process and unfolds after a bit more trial. You will find the love that finds you is unrecognizable at first. In fact, you may even  repel it from you, as it seems unnatural to your old way of being. It is as elusive like a butterfly. You can’t capture it. Instead it flies in and out, until you just sit quietly. Then it comes to rest on your shoulder (someone who knows you for a long while, like a ‘friend’ that leans on you and vice versa). It comes to you because you’ll grow to possess certain traits within yourself, that they too possess, and not actively seek for that love (and its traits) ~ outward. This love will demonstrate kindness, patience, and trust (which seems to be primary for you based on past experience). This love makes you a better person (anyone who makes you feel ‘less than’, does not deserve you dear Jackie). The courtship is long; blossoms over time. However, the process depends upon you and when you are ready to receive love. This is an ideal model you already identify in another couple and you’ll embrace as your own. I highly recommend Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love 

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