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My dad smiled

Message of Love Story from Nancy: My father passed away very unexpectedly when I was just 25 years old.  My dad and I were very close. I love him dearly, then and now.

Two nights before my dad passed away from a heart attack, he came to visit me at my house in the very early hours of the morning.  My husband was asleep in bed next to me, when I thought I had heard a noise. I opened my eyes to find the bedroom door partially opened, and my dad standing there!  It was surreal.  I thought I was completely awake, but then I thought I was dreaming. My dad had recently retired and loved to do handiwork and build things. When my husband and I bought our first home, my dad often came and built things for me at our new house.  So when I saw him standing at the door, I thought I had just forgotten that he was staying with us. Before I could speak, my dad smiled at me, and he said, “I have to go now. I wanted to tell you goodbye.”   Through the partially opened door, I saw another figure standing in the hallway behind him, although I could not make out who that person was. My dad looked at me in silence, for what I thought was a long time, then he closed the door without another word.

That’s all the detail that I remember of the incident the following morning.  I received a phone call less than 48 hours later, informing me he had died instantly of a heart attack. I have four siblings, and no one else was paid a “goodbye visit” from my dad.  I feel so very blessed and grateful that he knew how happy I would be to have been able to see him, one last time, before he left for heaven.  I often think that the other person in the hallway, was his brother, who had passed before him. He was there to help my dad leave his earthly realm and show him the way to heaven.

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