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Life is…crazy

Lisa from OH: I just want to know if my life is going to be crazy for much longer.  I feel like I am going a hundred different directions at once.  Do you see me staying home and not having to work (before the age of 80!)?  Thanks.

Medium Laura Lee: I understand this kind of madness Lisa. I personally affirmed this lifestyle too. That is until I realized how much power I gave this message over in my life. A ‘crazy life’ can be a fun ride for those adventurist types, people who feel a sense of importance because they are so busy (and feeling needed too), or a Type A who feeds off the activity level. You have to ask yourself if you may be one of these personalities, which there is nothing wrong being this type of person, but the important question is to ask if you can really be happy out of loop? If you are honest with yourself and find that it is indeed too much, I recommend you stop affirming ‘life is so crazy’. The heavens, lovingly, provide us that which we ask for ~ especially if you affirm (nearly daily) ‘running in a hundred different directions at once’ to yourself and others. And that’s exactly what you will get.  Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need at the given time. Because yes, I see a time where you are not working, staying home…and when it comes, before the ripe age of 80, I have a sense that you’ll fondly reflect on this period in your life (running hectic) as a time when you ‘thrived’, because you lived on the edge of life :-). That is my sense. I recommend you be ‘grateful’ for the activity, things, and people you do appreciate in life. And also ask for heavens assistance to help you find some life balance with work, family and well-being. Start chanting that your life is well balanced! When I personally asked for more balance in my life, I started seeing it in ways I hadn’t thought possible…for instance, more time with my daughter, more time for self, and those I love around me. See yourself walk in grace among the chaos around you, thanking your angel(s) and guides (which I see an elephant guide you; for such a majestic creature, with great strength and power, it is an animal who steps with little to no noise among their path!), for finding ways to manage the pace peacefully.  Change your thoughts ~ change your world before you are the ripe age of 80. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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