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Calm the mind

VIP question from Angie: I’ve been trying to calm my mind as the pressure of this new job is intense.  I’ve tried to meditate, but become distracted.  My mind keeps going to my job and all I have to do and who I met with last week.  I’m annoyed!  What is going on with me?  Remind me how to shift out of this state?

Medium Laura Lee: Angie, it’s called stress! I recommend meditation as the number one way to get clear. Besides that it helps you hear from God or you can call it divine inspiration. Keep in mind these tips, if possible, when meditating:

1) Practice same time everyday: start or end the day with practice

2) Same seat everyday ~ To help condition the mind to surrender

3) Sit up straight ~ Even if you fall asleep, you are still receiving benefits!

4) Release the thoughts that circle in your head ~ gently return to center

5) Start with 10 minutes and add 5 min every week to work up to half

Other suggestions for meditating: a) Invoke angels for assistance to help meditate, b) Some find it helps to center mind by using a mantra c) Or using gentle music in the background works too.

Meditating will empower restore your energy, heal your body, mind, soul, help you respond with stealth mind control ~ and keep you young! Here is some wisdom from Deepak Chopra about meditation:

Second, find an exercise you can do daily to clear your head. Maybe its walking, yoga, pilates, or swimming. Whatever it is, make sure you love the activity to help you clear your air. Personally, I like the solitude of hiking or yoga to clear my space before starting my day.

Third, I recommend you use prayer/affirmation. This is the time to ask for divine guidance. Call forth Archangel Michael for strength and courage to move through you so that you overcome the anxiety/fear.

Fourth, I also recommend live flowers near your bed at night. Lilies, lavendar and rose attract angels. The aroma is good for clearing the head so to rest.

Finally, find ways to reclaim your power by letting go. I recommended some steps on a FINE TIME FOR HEALING last month. Here is the podcast:

I hope this helps…Bless, LL

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