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Spiritual relevance

VIP Question from Phoebe:  It wasn’t a big deal when I hit a bird with my car a few months ago, but I hit another bird today. This hasn’t happened before and it sort of spooked me. I figured it has some spiritual relevance…an omen? Can you give me any insight what it might mean when you a hit a bird with your car?

Medium Laura Lee: First, to avoid this situation in the future, don’t keep your windows so clean! 🙂 Second, birds, as spiritual guides, are considered messengers from heaven. Have you ever heard the saying, “a little bird told me?”
My first reaction to your question is that you are killing your messenger, but not deliberately. The bird is conveying an end is coming soon (and/or already evolving) and for whatever reasons you resist closure at this time. I believe this ‘ending’ has caused you discomfort and pain that has been dragged out far too long. In your particular case, I’d lean towards a relationship. Anytime a relationship ends, it causes grief for all parties involved. Grief makes it unclear what’s next. Grief makes listening to our inner guidance system extremely difficult. And sometimes, it is easier if we hang onto the past because it is what we know. However, these little messengers remind you that with every ending there comes a new beginning too. The door is open for something new to enter that is more aligned with your heart.
Your healing process begins now. I’m willing to bet that this story begins, as far back, with your father on the other side. He can relate to the journey you are experiencing and is close by to assist. I hope this helps. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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