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I began living
Messages of Love Story by Randy

I was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. As a mother, I try to remain positive. However, this news was a hard blow. Weirdly, I felt I deserved it. Feeling sorry for myself, I lost hope to live. One day, I sat down in an attempt to meditate. Previous sessions were unsuccessful because it was always hard for me to sit still with my thoughts. But, on this particular day, I covered myself in an afghan my mother, who is deceased, crocheted for my bed. I felt an overwhelming sense of mom’s warmth, comfort, and love that is hard to describe in words. Her spirit was with me telling me that everything was going to be okay. I got up from my session, was inspired to fight for my life, and held onto that moment despite the ups and downs. Interestingly, I started to see recovery was possible when signs from heaven appeared. I met other cancer survivors who relayed their experiences. Then I began living the way I should have a long time ago by changing jobs, releasing relationships, and taking better care of myself. My doctor gave me the best news the other day and I am proud to say that I am cancer-free.   

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