I am grateful

I am grateful ~ Message of Love from Leah:

Dear Laura~ I’m following up with you regarding a message I sent a few weeks ago to thank you for your Angel Message: OPEN. I felt it spoke directly to me. I met with my brother after ten years on Friday. He reached out to me to mend broken ties- and called to say our youngest sister had passed. During our visit, he told me about his bankruptcy and attempted suicide ~ none of which was easy for him to tell me. I was quiet and listened carefully with respect. He apologized for causing me distress years ago and regrets his arrogant behavior. He and I had been very close in our childhood. I think our two-hour visit provided him an opportunity for redemption. All is well now that we have reconnected. So, I am grateful to have my only brother back in my life. Thank you, again, for posting that Angel Message on FB. You are an angel on earth ~ Happy Thanksgiving! Leah 

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