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Hello, beautiful

Hello, beautiful ~ Message of Love Story from Anne: 

In the final days of his life, my father was undergoing hospice care. Quiet times became moments of reflection, and then all filters were removed. For instance, he would often ask anyone within earshot if they noticed the beautiful orbs that were floating in the ceiling or sometimes coming through the picture window. It didn’t matter to him if we could not see them or not. He was purely enjoying himself to watch such a spectacle. Four days before he lapsed into a final coma, my son came in to visit. He walked in, smiling, holding a gift for his grandfather. And my dad’s face lit up with joy and awe. “Hello, beautiful,” he exclaimed. My son froze still, perplexed, and then smiled incredulously. “Well, I’ve been called many things, but I doubt if anyone ever called me, beautiful.” Only then did my dad recognize his grandson. “Not you,” he laughed. “I was talking to the tall, beautiful angel who walked in before you.” 

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Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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