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VIP Question from Andy: Help me get unstuck! I have been trying for several years to earn a regular income from my passion of helping others. I have put several things in place but have yet to see any of them make a difference. I realized that I was blocking my success with negative self-talk and have therefore changed my way of thinking. I have been consciously working to change my reality through affirmations and visualizations. I have asked the Universe to help me. The first week that I did this I was flooded with abundance in every way I had asked for: The Universe clearly responded to my efforts.  But just as the abundance began it ended and has not resumed for over a month. This is very frustrating. Would you be able to …help me understand what is going on?

Medium Laura Lee: A few of things come to mind when I read your question Andy. First, congratulations for ‘just doing it’! It takes a lot of courage to move out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. Second, trekking down this path isn’t always going to be easy peasy, since it takes more than just visualizing and affirming. ‘Asking’ for help is great, but you also have to pay attention to the signals and make the moves according to your guidance.

  1. It takes emotion. You have to ‘feel’ it, too, in your belly, like fire and passion….you have to really love what you ‘do’! IF the ‘love’ isn’t there, it’s going to be a long and uphill climb. Not that it can’t be done, but if you keep moving through the blocks, the passion towards the goal becomes stronger. So much so, you’ll be a force to reckon with at some point down the trail. Also, IF your emotional state is lowered, compromised, by other matters that strain you (distract) it can drag you down (despite the efforts to eliminate the roadblocks to the path), such as strained finances, relationships, and health issues. It could even be that someone else, close to you, may not agree with your dream because it impacts their path which their opinion could impede your focus. OR maybe one of these things that you put into ‘place’ doesn’t fulfill your heart like you expected? And that’s okay, because we tried something new but you just didn’t like it. Despite all these hiccups, if you believe, wholeheartedly, in what you are doing and keep moving in the direction of your dreams, then you have to learn to ’shake it off’ (Like Taylor Swift sings 🙂 so that you are lighter on your toes. Speaking of which….
  2. It takes action. Nothing is consistent, but change. You have to keep moving forward no matter what happens ~ surely you’ve heard the saying, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’…Fear is still going to pop up despite your efforts to affirm and visualize. It’s just as natural as light and day. Just because it stopped, it doesn’t mean that the flow isn’t accessible, again, on the same path. I believe we are always going to have those lull moments and reevaluate. Sometimes the universe is pausing for a moment (yes, not only because something else has you distracted you) to readjust your path a bit. Sometimes, things to don’t work in the process and you have to adjust a little to the left or a little to the right to feel the ‘zing’ again. It’s like the fly beating against a closed window when the door is opened across the room ~ ya know?!  I know while being on my path that if something is no longer enjoyable for me, that it is time I open another door to help me move forward.
  3. It takes support. Find your people to surround you that are heading in the same direction and/or believe in you. This is very important for your growth. I know when I came out of the closet, as a medium, that I had to be around others who understood what was going through on a day-to-day basis since I was a child. My mom was one person who always believed in me, which gave me enormous strength. But I also associated with groups that were connected to alternative healing and psychic phenomena so that I could be vulnerable enough to be me without ridicule and build my confidence and embrace my calling. It helps to have this support in your life to keep you going when you feel low. Again, they help you raise your energy, your love vibe, to keep you in the flow.
  4. The unknown is scary. Wow, we know this intellectually, but what really happens when we witness how our thoughts shape our world? You may back off when you realize that this power is downright awesome!!! It’s like dipping your toes in cold water and pulling it out because you discover it’s too cold. Then you return to the water and gently emerge the foot as you become comfortable with the new temperatures. No doubt, new fears can come to the surface when you discover this knowledge such as ‘Am I deserving of (you fill in the blank)?’ Or ‘Do I really, really want (fill in the blank)?’ and ‘What will others think of me if I pursue (you fill in the blank)?’ There is typically some new feelings that have to be dealt with while on this path.

Hope some of these pointers help you on your journey of self-discovery! Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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