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VIP question from Ramona: The past few months my bills/credit card debt have spiraled out of control. I was thinking about reaching out to my family for help, but I don’t know who I would ask: my cousins or my aunt? I would ideally like to get myself out of this mess but it’s not looking good. I was also thinking about driving for Uber until I get my feet on the ground but it would require me to get a new car. I just need a little guidance as to how to get myself out of this mess. Thank you so much.

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Ramona, Did you review my last journal titled ’Truth. I believe. Get Unstuck.’? After reading your question, I had hoped you read it. IF not, go back and review.

You are already receiving guidance, but, angels, and our loved ones, including guides cannot make you ‘do’ anything. You have to take action to see results!

First, ask your family (all of them) and you shall receive what you need. They may help in ways they can….even if it isn’t what you expect, they will offer a helping hand.

Second, know who you are…You were born an entrepreneur and business woman. Your mother was an entrepreneur and a business woman, and guides you from the other side, to help you make better choices for you and your daughter (as she did for you and her). Per your mother, you don’t have the resources to invest in a new car to drive for UBER at the moment (stop spending). But, you do have a car to drive for UBER. Instead, invest your time. Just do it. Then you buy the car. You also have your art/jewelry to sell that is precious. Find other venues to market these goods. In addition to online resources (eBay, Etsy, big commerce, etc), there are art fairs up and down the California coast-to sell your art/jewelry. Go and set up shop. You’ll find the flow manifest. Also, I recommend marketing to galleries looking for one-of-kind pieces. Plus, your daughter can work alongside you. It will be good for the both of you and you’ll be setting a good example as she has some artistic ambitions too. Just do it.

Finally, all these recommendations will get you out of your head and reconnect with people. Just make a move.

These suggestions are nothing new as they have swirled around your head for months. They are inspired thoughts (clairaudience) from the other side that we tend to ignore when we are in ‘fear’ ~ scarcity, depressed, feeling all alone in this journey. You are loved and supported. In the meantime, find ways to lighten the load; laugh, go play, sing holiday songs, make cookies, or do whatever makes you feel good to boost your energy out of the fear zone so you can turn this around and to ‘listen’ clearly. You have turned around circumstances before and you will again! BELIEVE IN YOU! 

Check out this meditation that I recommend doing daily;

Keep me posted doll! Wishing you happy holidays ~ LL

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