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Found ‘it’ at 40

Found It at 40

Kris from IN: Hi, My relationship is definitely the one I want forever.  Finally found “it” at 40.  It is amazing except for a few personal struggles on boyfriend’s side.  He is working that out – its family issues.  Other than that its the love of my life.  Do you see it following to marriage?  Or is this just something that is supposed to happen right now and I will move on later in life from it to find another.  I am very curious.  Thank you bunches

Medium Laura Lee: Oh Kris ~ I hear you…And what we ‘want’ isn’t always what we ‘need’. But, we aren’t always in control of others and how they play out the romance dance. As I say this ~ I’m just preparing you to take heed as to what your boyfriend has already told you (and or shown you) as a predictable outcome for his future. I also get a sense this involves children and how some use them as ploys to manipulate others into doing what they want ~ which may have him pull away at times. Besides that, I don’t feel you know the ‘full’ story ~ yet. So with that said, this relationship does have potential. It’s just how bad you ‘want’ it and what you’re willing to put up with down the road. Because, what you’re dealing with may become more complicated in the future. I think sometimes we get so darn focused on what we ‘want’ at times ~ that driving force, may have us overlook our personal needs. I recommend staying balanced, during this relationship, so you can remain objective and not lose yourself in him. ‘Love’ has the capacity to grow deeper when two people are courageous enough to speak and live their ‘truth’, honestly, so that the gaps are filled in. I see two loving parental figures overlooking the situation ~ but, feel they maybe grandparents(?) too, and I believe they had a long term relationship that can serve to guide you through these transitions. Pay attention to your dreams. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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