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I Always Wanted To Play

I always wanted to play

Charisma from Illinois: I was awaiting blood tests yesterday, when I randomly thought to myself, ‘sure would be bummed if the diagnosis came back that I only have 3 months to live.’ I came to the conclusion that I have done a lot that I wanted to in my life, but I always wanted to play guitar. I would really be bummed if I died and never learned. so I am in the process of getting a hold of a friend who offered me free lessons a few months back…thoughts?

Medium Laura Lee: Thanks for sharing your insight Charisma. And I don’t believe that was a random thought. Trust it. I believe that thought was inspired, from guidance, to move you in a direction for your soul to soar…that can include healing. Music is used in a lot of alternative circles for healing purposes. If you can, I recommend listening to guitar music too; iTunes, Pandora or even Iheart! This will also help you move through the physical ailment too. I have a sense, from guidance, that lethargy, lack of energy plague you. I hope you continue to be true to yourself and follow through with the guitar lessons after hearing the docs diagnoses. I have the sense that the doc will be puzzled by your state and run more test. Medication will be prescribed, but as a temporary solution until you surrender and lay it all down. But, I don’t think you’re going to die anytime soon darling. I have a sense that it is more of a feeling that life is not flowing for you as you expected. Be more open to the direction by starting out with the guitar…even if you just pick it up to strum. It will empower you. PS I would recommend reviewing the angel message for week 2/17. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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