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Brown eyes blue

Messages of Love Story by Julie: I had just received a text, from my cousin, who had snapped a shot of an old album cover of Crystal Gayle. It brought back good memories of when my cousins and I would ride around in my aunt’s old station wagon singing Crystal Gayle songs out the windows. So I dug around looking for my CD of Crystal Gayle ‘Best’ to play in my car. On my next drive, I pushed in the CD. What started out as a joyful ride down memory lane, singing songs such as ‘Somebody Loves You’ and ‘I’ll Get Over You’ …and yes, I was singing out my window! Then my happiness turned into sadness when the song ‘Don’t you make my brown eyes blue’ played. My dad, who passed away in January, loved that song and sang it in the shower. It was almost as if I could hear him singing the song, along with Crystal Gayle, in my head. I was a mess driving down the road. Then I spotted a homeless guy walking down the sidewalk with a blanket and pillow. I heard my dad’s voice say, ‘just go give him a 20.’ Something my dad would say, and just do, since he volunteered at a homeless shelter for years. I rationalized, really argued with myself, how this was difficult for me to do right now. We were strapped with my husband just finishing up chemo treatments, preparing for surgery – he was not working ~ so $20 was a lot of money. I kept crying while watching the homeless guy disappear in the distance from my rear view mirror. And still, I heard my dad say ‘turn around and go back to give the guy a 20.’ I pulled over in a residential area to catch my breath and wipe my tears. When I looked up, I had pulled over in front of my dad’s childhood home. I sat there for a moment and realized that was a sign that he was guiding me. I said out loud ‘ok I hear you!’ So I began to dig in my purse to see what I had in terms of cash. Sure enough, I had a $20. I turned around to track that homeless guy down the road. I made that homeless guys day and I’m sure I made my dad proud too. I did tell my dad before he passed to make sure he gave me signs he was still around. We discussed the sound of the doves he used to make with his hands. Most mornings, I am awakened by the sound of a dove out my window. We have a dove that sits on our house a lot of the time and, of course, I still question if is that is a sign from dad. But, somehow I believe this is his way of reassuring me he is right there with me.  We did not discuss using homeless people to stay connected, but I am fully aware that was my dad’s way of getting me through a rough ride. So now when I am awakened by the morning dove, I will just say ‘good morning dad.’ … I think I will volunteer some of my time to help the homeless in dad’s honor.

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible), and song dedication to; [email protected]

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