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Angel Message for week 4/6 ~ Brightness: I see an angel walk into a dark room illuminating a bright light and her energy sparks a light bulb to turn on too. The light eliminates all darkness. The ‘angel of brightness’ will step into your sphere this week and illuminate the bigger picture for you. By sparking your light, she’ll give you clarity where there was none. She will show you why everything that has happened up to this point, including past delays and fears, are perfectly aligned. She has cleared this dark matter from your path now. They no longer will burden you. This will make it very easy for things to unfold, and come together, in divine timing. All you need to do now is just ‘be’ you, allowing your light to shine. Remain open to embrace all your good. Everything is exactly as it should be in this moment. I welcome your post! Bless, LL

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