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Angel Message for Week 6/16: Balance ~ I see an angel walking a tight rope. And while I feel there is careful concentration with each step, to maintain balance, they keep a smile on their face. They appear ‘child like’ accomplishing the task as if to say, ‘Hey, look, I’m doing it!’ I also notice that their heart beams a golden light. The color gold means high spiritual vibration, integrity, respect, and integrating spirit and body in order to make the difficult seem seamless. If you feel you are walking a fine line recently or if you find yourself in that position this week, respect your inner wisdom or guidance. Remain true to that core (integrity), by reconnecting to your spirit, making wise decisions to consciously move forward with each step (spirit and body connection). There you will find balance to accomplish the task seamlessly, all the while with a smile on your face! Now the angel jumps off the tight rope and is surrounded by other angels. They are celebrating how far they’ve come and having a great time at a party. I personally experienced this yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed, tugged in a few directions by obligations pressing on me, but when I sat down to make that connection (via mediation ~ just closing your eyes and deep breathing works too), I instantly felt at peace and heard that it will all work out. That removed a great deal of stress. It helped me center my attention in the PRESENT moment. That’s the gift; Present moment, because there is no hurry, no anxiety, and no reason to be anywhere but only here. Then your attention is centered, right in this very moment. After I reentered my attention yesterday, my next step was surrounding myself with those I loved without worry about my other concerns. And while we came together to celebrate Father’s Day (Happy Father’s Day Dad and all Dad’s reading this!), it helped me feel more balance to be surrounded by those people I love. It also made me realize the good in my life. And gratitude brings more good. Connecting to those around you, and to your very own spirit, make everything else move more seamlessly. The worry, or any form of stress, do not help your cause or make things happen faster. It only keeps you in fear, thus making your journey more difficult and unclear. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you…in fact, it’s not intended to be. Choose differently by making that reconnection, even for a moment, to help you find balance this week. Or say yes to that invite to go out ~ even if it is to a movie or chat with the your neighbor in the yard. It may sound cliche, but Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, ‘Life’s is a journey, not the destination.’ Enjoy the ride.

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