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Beauty: Angel Message. You illuminate a unique beauty that is acknowledged by others. Your highly attuned spiritual qualities are made manifest in your auric field. You shine. Like moths to a flame, you attract people. You’ll think you’ve done nothing special, but be you. Others, however, recognize your divine spark that lights up the world! 

Derek Klingenberg, a musician, shined his unique talent. To celebrate the completion of his new grain bin, he invited Bethel College Choir to sing along inside. The combined forces were divinely inspired. Watch

Your unique beauty radiates healing power. When someone pays notice to your special quality, receive it in good graces. This gift is to restore faith in you. Receiving is giving. Your gratitude also serves as a gift to the giver. There is an exchange of powerful energy that not only heals, but empowers both of you. 

Your unique beauty inspires courage. You lead others by example. You give others permission to be themselves. And the meaningful confirmations that you receive, unleashes bounded energy ~ strengthening your resolve to leap forward. You’re inspired to decide firmly on a course of action. The timing is perfect to forge ahead now. 

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