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In a world where the ethereal and the mundane often exist in separate realms, Laura Lee stands as a unique bridge between the two. As a Radio Medium, she possesses a remarkable ability to tap into the spiritual realm and channel messages from the other side, providing comfort, guidance, and profound insights to those seeking a connection with their departed loved ones. Laura Lee’s journey as a Radio Medium began with a deep fascination for the metaphysical and a relentless pursuit to understand the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday perception. Guided by her innate intuition and an unwavering commitment to serve others, she has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of mediumship, reaching a wide audience through her radio shows and public appearances. With her empathetic and compassionate nature, Laura Lee has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering solace and a sense of closure in times of grief and uncertainty. Through her radio platform, she delivers messages from the spirit world, acting as a conduit between the living and those who have transitioned. Join us on this captivating journey as Mystic Mag unravels the mysteries of the spiritual realm alongside Laura Lee, the Radio Medium, and gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of our universe and the enduring bonds that transcend physical existence.

What sparked your interest in the radio industry, and how did you get started in your career as a radio medium?

I hadn’t considered going into radio when I started my professional mediumship practice. It spontaneously happened. I was reading an LA producer in my Sedona, Arizona office and pitched her a show idea. She loved it and sold it to FOX Television. I moved out west when they produced the show. And the producer walks out when we’re in the middle of production. I was stuck in LA after it folded! But, I trusted the process, believing I was an educated, intelligent businesswoman, and stayed in the City of Angels, praying to make it happen as a psychic medium in LA.

Out of the blue, because that’s how prayer works, I get a call from somebody who heard me speak and perform audience readings at a conference. They booked a private session with me. A few weeks later, she introduced me to a radio DJ. The DJ invited me to his show called “Angels in Waiting” on KBIG in Los Angeles, answering calls connecting people with their loved ones in the afterlife. My phone rang off the hook. And for three years, every week, it was three hours of call after call. It trained me to be super quick. Then I left for a new station, LA’s KOST, for a couple of years, and after having my daughter, I went home to the Midwest and joined a morning talk radio show answering callers. Then I pitched my show to CBS Radio, where I anchored for five years. My callers followed me, and I became known as the radio medium – hence my latest production, The Radio Medium Laura Lee Show.

It’s interesting how it all connects to when I was a little girl. My dad would drive us to school listening to talk radio. And there was a psychic on a morning talk show named Greta Alexandra. I don’t think she was a medium like myself, but Greta had the sweetest soul when she spoke to callers. And before she could reply to the caller’s question, I psychically picked up their answer. I’d be riding along and saying the answer aloud or exclaiming, “We’ll I knew that!” Never in a million years would I have believed I would become another Greta on the radio. And it wasn’t like I ever dreamed or wished to become a psychic medium when I grew up because I didn’t even know what a ‘medium’ was despite having spirit visitations as a young kid!

How do you engage and connect with your audience in the audio-only medium?

As psychics and mediums, we don’t necessarily need to see people. And people think they need to see us for an accurate reading, but that’s not how intuition works. Everything arises as an internal process. And you know, the spirit will share a vision, or I’ll hear them speak within, and I frequently pick up their scent (smoke, alcohol, perfume, etc), or they’ll impress a feeling on me. It all depends on the spirit and the person I work with. After saying my invocation and prayers, I trust the spirit channels through me for the caller’s higher good. Even if the person cannot make sense of the total message, whatever it is, I’ll ask them to hold on to it for later. The caller often makes the connection after we hang up and write back to me. I’m a channel, and I can only give what I got.

Since covid, video has become a popular tool to reconnect with people. I’ve started turning on a camera in the studio. Now people can visit with me face-to-face on the call lines. It’s brilliant, and I am enjoying the experience of seeing my callers. It helps when people are desperate for hope. Especially today, we are having a mental health crisis worldwide. People need to feel seen and heard, even on a video screen. People want to be validated to know they’re loved and aren’t alone. We all have support in Heaven and on Earth.

What type of services do you offer?

First, anyone can call into the radio show for a free reading. It’s how I volunteer my time. However, the catch is that the call is broadcast on the radio airwaves throughout the USA, streamed online anywhere in the world, and their call is part of the Radio Medium Laura Lee podcast on all favorite forums. I also offer sessions for people who prefer private readings because the information is sensitive. I perform monthly live group reading webinars with people worldwide. And then, a lot of my time is spent working with my small but mighty production company, a team of industry experts who help me create podcasts and radio shows that inspire and empower audiences.

What I love most, however, is mentoring students to discover their supernatural power. The student can become psychics or mediums if that’s what they desire. But more importantly, it is to introduce the student to their guardian angels and spirit guides or reconnect their loved ones in Heaven for divine guidance and better decision-making. The masses are still in the dark about the truth that they are powerful spiritual beings who can access the answers within. It is not public knowledge; we aren’t taught these things in school or church. While I see bits of the magical beliefs and ideas tossed around on social media by younger generations exploring the topic, the teachings are labeled occult or new age-ish. I show students what I can do, they can do too, and more if they allow their hearts to open to a spiritual path (because there are many paths) to our divinity.

While some of us are more intuitive than others, everyone has the ability. Our guiding light is the divine spirit and not the mind, which is our servant. But most people act the other way around, where the mind, or the ego self, tries to control. There’s a big reckoning happening as an evolution of COVID. It’s waking the masses, and we see it with great resignation by everybody quitting their jobs and demanding more for their lives. And people are leaving the churches because of all the scandals. They are listening to a higher calling, discovering much more is happening in our lives than the old stories told. However, the unknown is scary for many people; they do not have a clear path and seek answers.

What kind of advice would you give someone seeking medium assistance?

Follow your heart. Every psychic and medium works differently. And now, there are so many of us to choose from that you must use discernment when selecting a reader. Everyone in my field would agree that you go to the person most resonates with you. And even then, we aren’t perfect; psychics and psychic mediums are human too and are not ‘all-knowing.’ Therefore, you may have picked a professional that resonates with you, but they might say something you don’t like. And that’s okay, take it or leave it. You get to choose. We channel the information asked of us. And I am of the kind that doesn’t always say things people want to hear!

As a radio medium, how do you envision radio evolving and adapting to emerging technologies and changing audience behaviors?

Well, you’re speaking to somebody who is educated and has experience in corporate communications before being called a professional communicator for the heavens. As I see it, radio is probably 8 to 10 years behind television in its evolution. Radio still dominates mass communication, even as streaming platforms are emerging. It became more evident during COVID because everybody tuned into their local radio station for the latest news and information. My show audience exploded during that time by 6000%. I also read in the Chicago Sun-Times that the psychic businesses grew 35% because people sought answers during our difficult transition into the new world.

Radio is far from dead. Like television, it’s slowly transitioning into streaming platforms. And it’s way bigger than social media or podcasting; radio streaming is an emerging resource for listeners. Streaming is one of the many ways I can reach my audience. People can visit my website or the radio stations where I broadcast and listen to the show in real time from anywhere. I am blessed to speak with callers from all over the world.

Our connection is more expensive than our backyard, which is a blessing because people are still reluctant to leave their homes. That’s the power of radio. We can have a voice from anywhere and build relationships with the public. I see radio decentralizing, creating streaming platforms for listeners on demand, much like Netflix, Disney, and Apple TV. Podcasting is part of that growth, but it’s a mere fraction, 1-2%, of what radio is today. Radio demands the immediate attention of 92-98% of the world’s population. The industry still has a lot of influence over human behavior.

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