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Angel Message for Wk 9/15: I closed my eyes last night and saw a herd of unicorns rush towards me. Now, the last time I remember seeing a vision of a unicorn, I was about 6 years old 🙂 In fact, I was crazy about the animal as a young girl; collecting, wearing and drawing unicorns. Somewhere along the line, unfortunately, I just grew tired of them and their magic. And then I had a daughter who now covets them. So maybe that is why they are back in my life, but, I hadn’t seen a group of unicorns running together, in the wild, until now. Let me just add, that these messengers aren’t exclusive to girls and women ~ they can come to men too! So when I asked what this message meant, I was told that seeing one unicorn is a miracle, but to see a group of unicorns is called a ‘blessing.’  I pulled it up on the web and found I wasn’t alone in this assessment. And that Unicorns hold as much power as an archangel. They are about ‘healing’ by neutralizing poisons in your body and or restoring a broken spirit. They also inspire ‘creativity’ for making dreams come true and hold ‘magical powers’ to bring good luck to your life. Wow, this is a good omen for this week and for anyone reading this message. We are still knocking around the idea of play (read September’s angel message), too, so as a result of you playing around, even in the most simplistic forms: You know, the kind of play where someone says to you ‘cut it out’ or ‘quit acting like a kid’, or ‘when are you going to grow up’ kind of stuff. It is about to pay off for you this week ~ gracefully.  One last thing, I feel compelled to share that it will bring you choices, that are not only exciting, but give you options to choose from to move forward. I welcome your updates! Many blessing to you, LL

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