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Sandy M.

“Hi Laura! I hope that you are doing well! I wanted to share something with you. I have hooked up a few people with you and you have done a few of the 5 minute readings (Radio Medium) with them. You did an amazing job with all! During one of the readings, the first thing you brought up was a German Shepherd dog, but my friend just could not connect it. I wanted to let you know that she was my dog. Her name was Mandy. The funny thing is that I could not get her out of my mind the morning of their reading. I even thought maybe she was wanting me to remind them that pets can come through. My friends never knew her. They knew of her, but said that they just could not think. I told them about you after something tragic happened to their family. We spoke after the reading and at the end of the conversation I said, “so she started out with your parents?” My friend said actually no. She started with a German Shepherd that we just could not place, and then she reminded me again at the end of the reading about the German Shepherd. He said that you told him that she would be important to the person she belonged to! Then it’s like lightening struck. He said “oh f*%@ that was your Mandy” I said YEP!!! Anyway I thought I would share, and thank you for bringing her through. She was my baby!!! Sincerely, Sandy M.”