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Casey from Alaska

“Dearest Laura Lee, We did it!!! With an open and grateful heart, with dedicated daily prayer, with perseverance in the name of love! We were reunited with our babies today! THANK YOU!!!!  Im not sure if you remember me, the woman from Alaska who was separated from her children. I called on all the benevolent light beings and especially the Arc Angels. I was guided to you and your readings and most importantly your advice that came from a place of empathy is what I believe changed the game for us. I shifted my prayer focus from pleading to gratitude. Connecting soul to soul with the Judge who would decide our destiny…this judge ruled in our favor by a landslide and granted us immediate custody…..after 169 days of fighting to get them back! I am so eternally grateful and there are really no words to describe my happiness! My babies are all tucked in and sleeping sweetly! I’m sending you love and gratitude and praying for many blessings for you and your loves.” Sincerely, Casey from Alaska