Laura your radio program is amazing!!!! I love the show. I love that you help people heal. Thank you for all that you do!   

Rhonda Johnson

“It’s a GIRL! You were right again! The reading you gave me was in February 2023. You said my mom came through holding pink baby booties and was ushering in a baby girl for someone in my family. Everyone wondered why I was so sure it would be a girl, and I said, “Laura Lee …

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“Hello Laura! I just wanted to tell you how your voice has such a comforting effect on me. I love listening to you.  I am reminded that you are a conduit to those I love in the spirit world and how you have helped me so much over the years – speaking with you, personally …

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Rhonda Johnson

“Remember when I had my reading and my mom came through holding pink booties and you said she was ushering in a baby? You said the number 6 was important. This is the 6 month and we got the announcement tonight!”

Bo Nielson

“Every time I hear your voice, Laura, (on radio) I remember how much you have helped me over the years. Your gift has transformed some of my deepest challenges in life, and I am so very great full to you that we met back many years. Incredibly credible you are…”

Mary Beth Beenenga

“I attended a group reading…10 years ago and had a private (psychic) reading about a month later. I wrote everything down that we talked about and realized as the years went on Laura Lee was spot on. Amazing experience!”

Jasmyn Haywood-Hammons

“Omg!!! When I was on Radio Medium Laura Lee Show last year 😭 she was right about everything. I always knew!”

Patrick Duvall

“You called it! If I could shout off the rooftop your praise, I would! NYC is pulling out the red carpet for me, and they didn’t even know me when we talked. I’m exactly where you saw I’d be in my career when I couldn’t believe it myself! Thank you, Laura”

Kelly Kemmerer

“Laura Lee just ROCKS it! I have had two (psychic) readings from her and her gift is such a blessing to others!”

Alexandra Laverty

“Good afternoon, I was at your group reading (Contact Your Dearly Departed Webinar) last night and thought you were absolutely amazing!”