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Dennis Arnold

“I just got a call from Laura Lee. I will tell everyone that she is the best. I have been doing her (Radio Medium) 5 minute phone sessions for awhile, she is absolutely wonderful. I was astounded to hear the reading she was communicating with my mother before. I had someone pass recently in August […]

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John Hayes

“Laura read for me (twice) around 2006??? Laura said my (departed) father came through and he mentioned me living in Florida. At that time I resided in Los Angeles. I’m now living in Florida! Laura was 100% spot on with everything she shared! I truly need her guidance again!”

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“Hi Laura…I have to tell you that when you mentioned the person coming through with a boot, I believed that was my mother lol! Whenever you mentioned the boot, the pins in the broken arm, or the lift over her bed, my lights would go out or the smoke alarm would beep…Thank you!”

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“When Laura announced that she was speaking to a man named Luis, I didn’t respond.  It had been decades since I heard my grandfather’s name spoken aloud.  But when she connected his name to a bodily affliction that was my own, I knew there could be no doubt. Grandfather, she said, was announcing a child

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“It took me a while to connect the dots, but I understood everything (Radio Medium call)…I didn’t expect my brother-in-law’s spirit to come through even though I have been feeling his presence since my husband, his brother, had a stroke last month. We haven’t been close and he was feeling alone before he passed for

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Anne Ledah

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had three psychic readings from Radio medium Laura Lee now, and each time I am blown away at her accuracy.  She always describes little details so special no one else would know, I could feel that she wasn’t just guessing, or making it up. I knew in my gut

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“Laura your radio program is amazing!!!! I love the show. I love that you help people heal. Thank you for all that you do!”  

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Rhonda Johnson

“It’s a GIRL! You were right again! The reading you gave me was in February 2023. You said my mom came through holding pink baby booties and was ushering in a baby girl for someone in my family. Everyone wondered why I was so sure it would be a girl, and I said, “Laura Lee

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“Hello Laura! I just wanted to tell you how your voice has such a comforting effect on me. I love listening to you.  I am reminded that you are a conduit to those I love in the spirit world and how you have helped me so much over the years – speaking with you, personally

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Rhonda Johnson

“Remember when I had my reading and my mom came through holding pink booties and you said she was ushering in a baby? You said the number 6 was important. This is the 6 month and we got the announcement tonight!”

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