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The Soul Tribe Podcast
The Soul Tribe Podcast

In this episode we got the opportunity to speak to Spiritual Medium, Laura Lee. Her story is amazing and very inspirational. Laura always feared the connection to the other side ever since the age of three. After a long battle with an eating disorder, Laura had a near death experience in her late teens that helped her overcome her fears and embrace her ability as a spiritual medium. Laura’s talents were featured on TLC, FOX, NBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, and GAIA. In this episode we talk to Laura about:

Her journey with her gifts from a very small child into her teens

Her struggle with her eating disorder and how this ties to her gifts

How she helps others with her gifts and helps them get closure and peace

How angels, loved ones that have passed communicate

How spirits appear to her (visual, auditory, feelings, etc). Angels, Guardian Angels, etc

Reincarnation, astro-travel, in-between lives, multiple lives playing out simultaneously and so much more!

How we can receive information from spirits and loved ones that have passed

Lucia and Lorena’s stories with spirits, angels and astral-projection

Laura shared so many amazing stories that were super inspirational and eye-opening

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