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Prayers answered
Your Spirit Message:


Your prayers are answered this month.


Or you can say it was your heart’s desire, even if it wasn’t a prayer. Your blessing can show up in different ways, like the right home or job, a new friendship or relationship blossoming, a windfall of unexpected money, a promotion, a good health report, and favorable news. In other words, the right help, resources, and money show up at the right time. It’s your kickstart to summer and sets the tone for your next life chapter.


Prayers answered for you may not sit favorably for some in your sphere.


Well-meaning people may feel threatened by your luck for various reasons. Their most prominent fear is that you will pay them less attention and time. While that isn’t necessarily true, that’s how they see it, and no one can change their mind. Therefore, they may rain on your parade with an off comment. Listen to your instincts, and use discernment before sharing your good fortune with others.


An answered prayer signals your path forward.


You almost threw in the towel or gave up because it wasn’t apparent – to you – what you were doing. However, sometimes life gets fuzzy because things, events, and people must align with your intention. Divine providence works when you act in faith, hoping your intended desire manifests. When your miracle appears, take a moment to give thanks. More blessings will be granted your way.


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