You are lucky
Angel Message:
You are lucky – incredibly!

You’re in the right place at the right time for a lucky break. It occurs because you anticipated it to appear in your life by preparing for the moment to happen. You held out faithfully, turning a little of nothing into something bigger than you imagined when things started. Transitory moments of self-doubt, thinking no one cared, letting other people’s negativity cloud your better judgment, disappear when blessed by a golden opportunity you seize.

Count how many ways you’re lucky.

And keep on counting to see one blessed moment evolve into a series of fortunate events, like the sunbeam that smiles from behind a cloud and kisses your cheeks, sending warm and fuzzy sensations throughout your body. You’re so inspired to be touched by the sun’s light on a dreary day that your share the love with others who lovingly support you. The ripple effect of that love and light lifts you, and everyone around you, to higher heights.

Feeling lucky is like wearing a magical charm.

It draws the right people, things, and resources in at that exact moment you need making it all the more possible. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and the momentum grows because you’ve rallied the people around to join the journey with you. Otherwise, what’s the point? You couldn’t go it all alone. Your magnetic source of positive energy turns on a high voltage bulb, bright enough for everyone to see the big picture that makes you more favorable. Roman philosopher Seneca once said that “luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity.” Go out and make more luck happen in your life.

Tune into spirit from beyond Radio Medium Laura Lee 

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