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Year of hell
VIP Spirit Message for Callie:


Ok, Lauralee, it’s go time! You’ve been so helpful thus far! I am trying with all my might to be strong and “turn the corner!” Tell me, please, will I get some relief, or will it be another gut-wrenching year of hell? Please help. I’m at my wit’s end. Callie


Laura Lee: I’m sorry to hear this news, Callie, and it’s time for you to let it go!


If you imagine a year of hell, you can expect it.


While your world has turned upside down, you must trust it is for your higher good. The sudden shift over the last year is still raw. And you’re navigating unfamiliar territory. It takes time to get used to the changes and land on your feet. It’s all transitory and will work out for you in time. Everything is about your perspective. Flip it right side up by recognizing the blessings in your life now. Gratitude attracts miracles.


The future is out of your control.


The only thing you can control is how you respond to circumstances. And stop worrying about something that hasn’t happened. Please keep your mind in check by releasing the negative and reaffirming the positive. Whenever you feel out of sorts or anxious about what ‘if’ scenarios, take three deep breaths to anchor yourself back at the moment. Then look around, recognizing five things you see and hear happening in your surroundings, and address what feelings you’re processing. This exercise will help you regain control of your thoughts to create a new narrative. Your power is in the PRESENT; that’s why it’s a gift. You survived, learned a new lesson in love, and are alive to try again!


Leave the past behind because it’s over.


A severed relationship is seriously impacting your life balance. Bless those who gave you heartache with peace, love, and joy. What you give out, you’ll get back. Forgiveness is critical for your peace of mind. You aren’t exonerating their poor behavior; you’re just letting go of the negative feelings associated with the past. Surrendering helps you move through grief and reclaim your life. Learn to love yourself again; you’re worth it.


Accentuate the positive by affirming a new you.


Affirmations are powerful tools for calling forth a rebirth. Whatever you are going through, it mustn’t be so difficult. Reconnect with family, friends, and a support group if necessary. Plus, you can make it easier on yourself by affirming the positive. Say something from the heart, such as;

“Thank you, (higher power, god, Christ, angels, etc), for helping me move through life with ease and grace. I am blessed by your loving support to meet all my needs before I even ask. Amen!”

I see a mother and/or grandmother who guides, from the other side, your transition from personal experience. I suggest reading the following Spirit Messages for more insight:

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