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Will – Angel Message:

With a little ‘will’ ~ you can.  Just when you thought it was a lost cause, you summon up the courage to try again. It may feel like someone whacked you up alongside the head with a stupid stick because you may hear that voice say, “What? Am I crazy? I must be insane?” Forget those sort of nonsensical thoughts. That’s fear, or the ego, wanting you to back down to be small by playing it safe. There’s an urge to keep on pushing. You have passion, an inner desire to help. Your determination, to try again and do the work, is what sets you apart from the pack.

People will cooperate with you. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask! You’ve already established yourself as the leader. Like a bullfighter, you take the bull by the horns to show who’s boss. And this isn’t an ego trip when everything you do is out of love for the greater good. It’s your vision that inspires other people to come together for a common goal. Their support and willingness empowers you too. You create a synergy that lifts everyone higher. 

You will be flexible out of necessity. Not having complete access to all the resources and tools requires you to rely on intuitive hunches. Your resourcefulness works in favor for the long run success. You’re learning new things just in time for the changing landscape. As you flex those muscles, you become stronger and more balanced too. Be a good listener to those aligned with you. They are Earth angels whispering ideas, suggestions and comments. You are spontaneous in action and change is good for growth. If there is a will ~ you find your way! 

Case in point, NASA has some of the bravest female pilots. One woman’s vision inspired these ladies for the greater good. Together, they’ve made history. Watch this video on TODAY

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