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Why he appeared?

Message of Love story by Vaughn: Why he appeared? The story of my Dad (who passed over) all started when Mom and I decided to go to a movie. The movie theatre was located in the mall. We arrived early so we bought our tickets and walked over to a seating area, a bench, where three people could sit. It was close to Christmas, there were a lot of people at the mall where Mom and I were talking. For some reason, I looked over and saw “Dad” coming out of Montgomery Ward. In shock, I looked back to Mom and motioned her to look beyond me. I sat back so she could see. She did and looked back at me. Mom said, “Oh, my God.”  By this time, he had walked over to us and asked if he could sit down.

He (Dad) said, he was taking a break as he sat there smoking a cigarette exactly like he used to do, wearing an outfit that he wore when he was alive. Dad had been gone for several years when he appeared to me and Mom on different occasions.  He asked us what movie we were going to see, the weather and such. I remember wanting to touch him as he was sitting next to me, but my hand could not move. My thinking was “Dad, it is me and Mom. You aren’t acknowledging us as such, but as two strangers you are talking to in the mall.”  Dad said that he had better get back to work before the boss comes looking for him. He got up, and instead of going back into Montgomery Ward, walked into the crowd and disappeared.

Mom and I talked about that story for years. We wondered why he appeared to us at the mall? Mom now knows, as do I, …that perhaps he was just telling us that he was ok.

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