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Who is my angel?

Who is my angel ~ VIP Message for Sloan:

Who is my angel? 

Laura Lee; Your angel is Anjia. This androgynous light being has watched over you since birth. They are working with you to make contact by inspiring notable life changes. 

First, you may feel guided to meditate. Meditation is one of many ways for opening channels to communicate. You are learning that silence is golden. This is where you’ll be able to connect to the small voice within. For you, communication is primarily transmitted through your feelings. I’m told you are highly sensitive as a clairsentient ~  in other words, an empath. You have a keen sense of tapping into feelings for yourself and others. Over time, this skill will strengthen with meditation and used to navigate life.  

Second, you may feel connected to nature. Nature cleanses the soul from toxic energies which interfere with higher realms. Being outdoors raises your vibration to make a clear connection to your inner guidance system. Any time you feel low energetically, go outdoors for 10 minutes to restore balance. Also, adding live plants and flowers to living and work quarters helps inspire connection to spirit. You may also find experimenting with essential oils, plant extracts, to increase energy too. 

Third, you may feel guided to make changes to your diet (exercise too). Eating foods that nourish the soul, instead of weakening, increases the capacity for spirit communication. This doesn’t necessarily mean you go on a ‘diet’. It just means you are making a conscious effort to eat foods that make you feel better. The more you care about your personal well being, the more likely you’ll realize your connection to spirit.  

Finally, Anjia recommends you surrender all your concerns to her. In time, you’ll witness her presence in your life.  

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