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Whimsical ~ Angel Message:

Your whimsical nature towards something proves fortuitous. At first, you’ll laugh at yourself and say, “what was I thinking?” In this case, you weren’t thinking, and that’s a good thing. Pay no mind that this was any mistake. There’s divine design to your big plan. 

Remember Goethe’s words when this moment transpires, “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  

Trust that a whim of a chance is what needed to happen. It’s fine to know where you’re heading, but there are numerous paths from point a to point z. Sometimes we take a left turn when we meant to go right. Perhaps you slipped up by saying yes when you meant no. Or you sense the sudden urge to do something entirely out of the ordinary in your rather mundane day. It’s perfectly aligned that you step out of your typical character role. 

There’s a teachable moment by being whimsical now and then. You’re always free to choose, even when you don’t think there was no other choice. Plus, it’s fun to be spontaneous like a child. You’ll see life from a different perspective by throwing a chance at the wind. A whim is your soul waking up. 

Dr. Seuss acted on a whim when he wrote a child’s book on a bet! Read Biography

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