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What physical signs
VIP Message for Dani:

“What signs are my loved ones showing or leaving for me to show me they are present, such as physical signs?” Thank you so much, Dani

Laura Lee: 




I see a maternal figure, a mother, join your side along with all these farm animals – but more importantly, songbirds. Birds are your spirit guides, sent by your mom. They sing praises from heaven, and their songs envelop you in love – her love. Pay attention to their songs while working on outside projects for inspiration. 

Make a bird sanctuary in a garden dedicated to your mom if you haven’t already. Place lots of feeders, birdbaths, and birdhouses, to draw birds into your space. The image includes a bench or table near to enjoy the songbirds, commune with nature, and your mom’s spirit! 

According to mom, it is essential to ensure your space accommodates more than one person to set out the intention to welcome good company. And you won’t ever feel alone!

I recommend reading Angel Message about being Resilient for more insight. 

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Photo by Aaron J Hill

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