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Trust your gut
Angel Message:
‘Trust your gut,” listen to your instincts,’ and ‘follow your heart’ are shortcuts to the truth.

Whenever you hear someone share these sentiments while struggling to find an answer, realize you aren’t alone and are inspired to seek out your truth. Help is always accessible because the higher self reveals the right solution is within you. Access your intuition by being still, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, listening, following, and trusting your hunches. Our signal comes as a whisper, push, tap, warmth, goosebumps, butterflies, tingles, and oddly, you may smell a pleasant aroma to green light your direction. Your higher guidance system is 99.9% on target for you. Anytime you thought you followed your intuition, but it proved wrong; means you needed more information for clarity. The right decision confirms you were spot on every time.

Confusion and disorder happen when you don’t trust your gut.

You’ll recognize the lower self’s trap when you replay the old tapes of self-sabotage with all the “excuses” of why you can’t. Pay attention to your self-talk, mainly when you second guess, doubt, and ask everyone else for the answer but forget to ask yourself. The ego hides in the shadows to make you feel inferior. Check your blind spots, such as a repeated phrase or misbehavior passed onto you by a well-meaning parent or authority figure who didn’t know your secret that YOU CAN. Reconnect with spirit to get back on your path.

Trusting your gut is an intuitive signal for sound decision-making.

When you feel the hair raise on the back of your neck (or anywhere), send cold chills down the spine, and sudden aches appear in the head, heart, or stomach, or a punch to the gut triggers your spidey sense to take a time out for clarity. If other people are involved, step away to clear your space. Further investigation can reveal more details to help make an informed conclusion. Follow through by being quiet and listening, following and trusting your sixth sense. Intuition is your birthright. The perfect answer feels good with joyous, loving, and or peaceful vibes. 

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