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Angel Message for March 2014: An angel turns on a light bulb to reveal light on a situation that may have brought you confusion, inner turmoil and maybe an unsettled feeling. Unsure of your whereabouts or where you were to go in the dark, the light will transform your situation. The light brings clarity to help you find your way out. And you’ll know it is the way, because it will feel good, almost renewed, which are signs that you are following guidance. This period of darkness was for good reason; Your patients to just be in it allowed forces to work on your behalf. The best analogy is when nature goes dormant during winter and blooms again in the spring. It was resting, regaining strength to remerge. That’s what was taking place inside you. Before the month is over, you will spring forward with enthusiasm. And it’s all good. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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