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Think she will leave us alone?



Q: Hi there! – just confirming that you told me the love of my life would finally take the step to move in. He did it over the weekend. YEAH.! Holding him back was a very drama ex ~ mother to his son. He stayed away so the drama would not be brought to my home. However, I told him I was ready for it. She has a lot of emotional issues. I am asking if you think she will leave us alone? She has restraining orders from others but for the last year 1/2, she has only talked. She has never done anything to harm me or my home. Will it still just be talk or do you see her starting issues. I sure hope not 🙁 – Kris / worried in Colorado.

A: Thanks for sharing Kris. Wow, what a price you pay! It sounds like your boyfriend has a lot of unfinished business around him and you’ve welcomed all of it into your life. And as long as they have a son in the mix, there is no chance this woman will leave you alone any time soon. All I can say is that it must be love….see if you can extend that love in other directions too. Instead of sending her any ill will feelings…send her blessings daily (she obviously needs them) and as well, send her love from your heart to her heart, which is the best way to diffuse threats or anything coming towards your home. It works if practiced (read the 10/17 angel message ‘Clean the Slate’ on my Facebook page: Psychic Medium Laura Lee and practice the exercise….even when you see shifts, continue to practice)… This practice will also diffuse your worry ~ which is fear. Choose LOVE over FEAR. And should you ever have to engage with her, kill her with kindness (affirm or pray about acting with kindness prior to any meetings with her). Do not engage in any other manner…..Some people thrive off drama, but if drama doesn’t invoke drama ~ she’ll go somewhere where she can illicit the response. Speaking of which, sounds like your partner likes the drama, otherwise, he wouldn’t still be caught up in the game at this point. And he seems to be pointing the finger one direction, but there are three more pointing back at him as an active participant. Encourage him to disengage for the benefit of all around him…for some reason I hear that ‘she can’t be rational’ ~ or at least that is what someone says about his ex…IF that is indeed the case, don’t rationalize. Don’t fuel the fire…keep me posted. Bless, LL

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