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Your Litmus Test
Spirit Story Message for Paul:


I had an extraordinary conversation with caller Paul from North Carolina. In my podcast episode, “Your Litmus Test,” his heartfelt story is about the power of love that transcends the physical world.


A Touch from Beyond


In this episode, I connected with the spirit of Paul’s late wife. She made her presence known by clasping Paul’s hand from behind, ensuring I recognized the wedding band to identify their familiar and comfortable relationship. Anytime I see spirit approach my client from behind, it typically establishes that they are related by love, partnership, or friendship.


The Mother Teresa Connection


Interestingly, I picked up how friends and family fondly referred to Paul’s wife as Mother Teresa. This nickname reflected her selfless nature, much like the real-deal Mother Teresa. His wife’s spirit, however, dismissed her sainthood! But, to Paul, the nickname from his wife gave a credible connection to his love on the other end of the line.


A Message for their Daughter


The spirit of Paul’s wife had a special message for their daughter, acknowledging her beautiful drawings on a Mother’s Day card since she’s been gone. This touching moment highlighted the enduring bond between a mother and her child. I’m always hopeful that the caller will pass on the spirit’s message to heal the hearts of those who grieve when the time is suitable for all parties involved.


A Glimpse of Love in the Future


I relayed a message from Paul’s wife about the prospects of a new partner for him that she will send him. While Paul is still grieving, this message was a gentle reminder that life continues and love can bloom again. His wife, Theresa, validates that the potential for love is imminent, and there are a couple signs for him to recognize the right woman to enter their lives.


A Father’s Role to his Child


I advised Paul to be sensitive to his daughter’s needs, especially as she navigates through her grief by bringing the right woman into their lives. This was a reminder of the crucial role parents play in their children’s emotional well-being. But, more importantly, how his daughter will be his litmus test for detecting the love his wife’s spirit will send that’s best for Paul and his daughter’s higher good.


This episode is a beautiful exploration of love, loss, and the connections that survive beyond death. I invite you to listen to the podcast episode “Your litmus test” and share Paul’s extraordinary journey. Stay tuned into Spirit for more heartwarming and enlightening episodes.


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