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The greater plan
VIP Message for Nina:

My question is about my path and where to put my energy in the future. Should I start a new business or focus on my self-development or develop as an artist (career), or do I work with children as a volunteer? Or maybe there’s something else in the greater plan:) Thank you! Nina

Laura Lee: You’re making this decision more complicated than it is, Nina. The divine, our higher self, only gives us what we can manage. It is all of you, so why does it have to be either or:

A new business or

Self-development or

Develop your artistic career or

Volunteer to help children or

Something greater! 

Surrender your heart’s desire to all these beautiful aspects of your soul.

Your spirit is trying to get you to see the bigger picture for yourself. That’s why all these ideas, images, and feelings are emerging simultaneously in your consciousness. The soul is whole and not fragmented. Remove the OR between the parts of you and combine them into one mission statement that you can try on yourself (or edit accordingly to your heart);

” I am a successful, independent artist who volunteers with children.”

Becoming whole through self-development is the GREATER plan.

There’s never a point in living life when we aren’t self-developing. Building a business, growing artistically, and volunteering with children are all crash courses in personal growth. You hit a roadblock pursuing any of these directions when you stop and think about it too long; “But, my heart is with the children. Wait, I need more time for myself. And there’s no way I can become a full-time, independent artist without developing my talent.” 

Says who? 

Your ego is excellent at making you feel small to hide away your light.

Spinning the thoughts in your head keeps you stuck and doing nothing. Spirit suggests you begin a daily practice dedicated to the arts. Launch a side gig to get started. And infuse your craft, working with children. Trust your inner guidance because it’s all within you. If you have yet to see the opportunities arise in art, volunteer, or side gig opportunities involving your passion for art, ask the heavens to reveal your next step. Unlimited scenarios can evolve. Remain open to the possibilities. Your heart is leading you down a path to a new you; shine your light!

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