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Thank You

VIP Message for Paula; It feels like something is in the air the past few days. I, along with a few others, seem to be in a funk! 🙁 I am always thankful for what I have but can’t seem to pull myself out of this fog. Suggestions?

Medium Laura Lee: I understand this plight. We are all connected ~ psychically,energetically, and spiritually. A collective group consciousness ~ both at macro (world/country) and micro levels (city/personal circle). I suggest that you try not to label it so that you don’t get hung up on ‘whatever’ it is ~ and let the emotion run through you, because avoiding it will make it stick longer than necessary. I suggest that you nurture yourself during this period with extra rest (if your body needs it), exercise (just a walk after dinner perhaps?) and diet (foods that nourish you) to give yourself the added TLC boost. Also, be around others who raise you up to protect your energy (refrain from more drama/energy draining). Detox from internet (especially any news) for awhile if at all possible. Participate in activities that lift you. When the going gets tough, I personally ask for assistance from the heavens; God, Christ, Angels, Guides ~ whomever pleases you; Welcome their intervention into your sacred space. Then picture yourself being bathed in the white light to clear your energy ~ like a spiritual cleansing. Thank the heavens (the light) for clearing away all fear, negativity, blocks and restoring your heart to peace love and joy. Doing all these loving things for self is the biggest thank you for life!  Do this as many times necessary to pull out!  I promise it works ~ almost instantaneously. Keep me posted. Peace out! LL
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