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Angel Message for Wk 9/22 ~ Surrender: An angel stands before me waving a white flag ~ like they are ‘surrendering.’ Any chance you’ve heard the song from Cheap Trick ‘Surrender’? That is what I hear in my head! Not the whole song, of course, I don’t know all the lyrics!

But the words that are really clear is the chorus;

Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird

Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away, ay, ay, ay

Away, away

Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away

Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away

Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away

Minus the ‘Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright’ lines, I feel there are a few underlying messages in the chorus:
One, have some dignity. Know when enough is enough. You can’t do it all…at least at the same time! Also, if someone crosses the line, don’t wait for it to fester. Call them out ~ tell them they are overstepping boundaries. Two, that you don’t have to hand over everything to get something in return. Give yourself some credit and/or love yourself enough to say, “This is all I can give….” or say the word ‘No’, or even say ‘I can’t because I have a commitment to…” Then trust that you are (or it is) enough. IF it isn’t enough for the other party, then keep on walking. You know what’s right inside. Listen to your heart. Don’t compromise yourself, because if you do, you’ll have no one to blame but you for making the choice.
I just turned down an opportunity to have a friend make me lunch. While it would be nice to take that time out and have someone cook for me, I had another obligation that burned in me to carry out. I listened to the call. And I didn’t explain, give excuse, or reasons to the other person. Instead, I just said that I can’t today and asked for a raincheck. And while my friend understood, it was hard to even say those words. But in the end, I felt my instincts were on target. Welcome your feedback and updates. Bless, LL
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