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Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Expectancy’ works with you this week to expect the very best outcome. You already know within your heart what that ‘IS’. IF you are conflicted between what is the very best for you, then this Angel suggest adding the words… ‘or whatever is best for my highest good.’ IF you expect the worse, then that is exactly what is delivered. However, understand that there is no right or wrong to the outcome. Those are simply words; Judged by a mere label put upon by you or someone else. It just IS ~ and it is all good ~ because you are the creator. As a child of God (the creator), you possess the divine spark within you that has the power to create too. Angels are the go between; The messengers. Pay special attention to your heart where you are connected to the higher force that guides you; It will never lead you astray because it knows what’s right for you. Listen to the quiet reflected thoughts that make your heart swell with peace, joy and love (Clue: avoid the thoughts that say ‘I should…’ or ‘I can’t because…’) and go for it, follow through, so that your actions are in accordance with divine law. This is the last message for 2016. Review Angel Message for December and for Angel Message for Year 2016 to see the bigger picture for you. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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