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Surprise celebration

Messages of Love from Rose: I dreamt of walking down a long hall and saw the back of a woman leaning through a door way.  She had pure white hair and immediately I recognized my grandmother who had never come to visit me (in spirit) before now.  She was staring into the adjoining room where there were other guests peering out the front window, in expectation of the guest of honor and  I immediately knew they were there to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  I gathered her into my arms and hugged her for a long time.  She didn’t speak but led me into the room where the guests lined the walls and warily regarded me with hesitation…I knew then they were departed spirits.  She said she was there, along with all the others, to celebrate a surprise party.  One week later, our children gave us that surprise celebration and now that I think about it, I’m sure grandma was there, too.

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